Covid19 & the Modern Eavestroughing team

Here’s how we have prepared ourselves and our team in dealing with Covid 19 situation!

The COVID-19 pandemic created hardship for all the residents in the Ottawa region who had renovation planed for their homes this spring.  But we are finding solutions to accommodate everyone and we are in the process of getting back to work fulltime!

We are currently offering our inside sales team and administration staff the opportunity to work from home knowing the construction industry absolutely requires the presence of healthy workers on sites. We encourage our team of experts to practice social distancing when at work, and until further notice.

Ideally, we require them to go to the job site alone, to keep their distance when they are at work, to stagger our work trucks at the beginning of the day and upon their return to the job site so that we can disinfect them after they leave and/or as soon as the trucks return. We also ask our employees to protect themselves by wearing gloves, masks, disinfectants, etc.; always according to the demand and if it’s appropriate to their work task, but especially when social distancing is not possible.

Safety meeting!

As with all our safety measures at work, we restate to our workers the safety rules on daily bases and remind them how to minimise the risks when going to work and on worksites. We restrict and reduce the number of people working in close proximity to each other, which is quite easy to achieve on a construction site. Having said that, we have communicated to our employees who have relatives at home or relatives who may be immunocompromised that simply do not want to risk exposure to the virus, they do have the option of staying at home, depending on their tasks certainly.

We have become “paperless”, like most companies, so that our staff doesn’t get in contact with documents. Everything is communicated electronically or by phone.

For our employees who experience symptoms similar to the COVID signs, they are required to stay home for the 14-day quarantine. Rest assured that this rule is strictly enforced with all Modern Eavestroughing employees.

In anticipation of the increase absences during this period, we are proud to have trained all of our employees to manage multiple functions at the same time. Our experts are all highly experienced professionals when it comes to intervening and completing their work, even if some tasks that are not within their area of expertise.

We are confident that all our trades and suppliers are doing their part to stay safe and follow recommended health precautions. A highly important process for us at this time is to communicate any potential impacts on schedules. We will manage expectations between ourselves and our customers and if any issues arise, we will remain transparent with our customers.

Another concern that may arise during this pandemic is a delay in the materials supply chain. Until this day, all of our suppliers with whom we deal with have not experienced any disruptions. People are still working, providing the same service and speed as usual. We are very grateful for that.

However, some supplies could be disrupted, and all we can do is prepare for that eventual situation, knowing that there could be some ramifications. This would be the worst case scenario and we really hope it does not come to that. For the time being, we continue to conduct our day-to-day operations as we normally do. The federal government has considered the construction sector to be an “essential service” and we fully agree.

Now more than ever, it’s important that everyone stays safe and healthy!

The Modern Eavestroughing team is always there to serve you, safely! Do not hesitate to contact us, we are available for you today!

Stay healthy!