About us

About us

Modern Eavestroughing strive to offer the best quality products, service, and materials on the market. We have been in eavestrough’s business for more than 30 years and we offer you a wide variety of skills in the gutter industry and other services in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. 

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With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our highly experienced team representatives offer professional customer service to create a positive experience for every one of our clients. We are equipped with the most recent technology and training to perform high quality work and offer excellent customer service. We guarantee you a 25-year warranty on all our products and workmanship.

At Modern Eavestroughing, being ‘green’ is also our everyday priority, we’re always on the hunt to discover new ways to better ourselves. We make it a priority to recycle everything from office materials to your old aluminum gutter.

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Better Business Bureau
30 years experience 25 years warranty
Alu-Rex Elite Installer