A good gutter system will protect your home

The eavestrough system is one of the most essential components of your home. It’s generally neglected because it doesn’t seem more important than what it really is!

Did you know that if your house does not have a functional gutter system, you risk having damaged exterior walls, an eroded foundation or an eventual flooded basement.

In addition, if your house has gutters that have not been properly installed or not maintained adequately, leaks in the roof can easily occur causing major structural problems to your property that can cost you a lot of money, very quickly.

Most homeowners do not prioritize eavestroughs system, especially when it comes to renovating or changing them. Considering all the work your gutters actually do, they should certainly be considered one of the vital elements of your home.

Eavestroughs are essential to protect your precious home from moisture and mold growth in attics, roofs, crawl spaces and basements. If you discover signs of rot development, wood deterioration or damage to your foundation, it could mean that your gutter system is not working properly.

Repair and Maintenance: Over the years, snow, ice, squirrels, leaves and many other factors can damage your gutters. Debris can clog them and cause water leaks in your roof or on your home’s siding. The best time to inspect your eavestroughs is in the spring. You can choose to wait for a rainfall and observe whether or not the water flow is correct. Another idea is to spray water on your roof and then look for signs of leaks and/or other potential problems.

 If the gutters run away from your home, simply replace your old nails with a new hook attachment system. Gutter experts such as Modern Eavestroughing will be able to assist you in replacing the nails with a more suitable hook system so that the eavestrough can better be attached to your home.

If your eavestroughs are irreparable, it’s preferable to have them replaced. Gutters are available in several common materials, each with its own advantages.

The choice of gutter material is up to you, depending on your budget, preferences, needs and location. The more expensive the material chosen, the more value and appeal the eavestroughs will add to your home. Nevertheless, whether you choose vinyl, steel, copper or aluminum, you will always enjoy the benefits of protecting your home from the elements. Take a close look at the condition of your gutter and consider whether or not to replace them.

For better protection against the elements, contact us immediately for repairs and replacements of your gutter system. We will help you maintain your eavestrough system in good condition and give you tips on how to properly maintain them in the near future.

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