Climate change and your gutters

Do you know that it’s scientifically proven that climate change affects all aspects of our planet’s ecosystem, including the water cycle, which increases the risk of heavy rainfall in the coming years?

Because precipitation is highly temperature dependent, these changes have major implications in the water cycle. These types of shower are often quick and fierce. They release enough water to cause serious damages and can it can affect your gutters in several ways:

Overflow of Gutters: Depending on the size and condition of your gutters, they may not be designed to withstand too much water from those heavy rains. As this weather situation is expected to continue, you may need to consider replacing your gutters to fight these storms in the next few years.

If your gutters are clogged: a heavy downpour can drop enough water to damage your gutters and the surrounding area. Instead of flowing properly and directing the water down the drain pipes, away from your home, water will spill over the edge of the gutter and may cause flooding in your home and / or damage to whatever is situated under your gutter.

Gutter problem areas:  During heavy rains, you will be able to easily spot areas of your gutter that are not working properly. If the center overflows, it may mean that you don’t have enough downspouts, or that your gutters are clogged, or even that part of your gutter is sagging or damaged. If it overflows near the downspout, it’s a pretty clear sign that your downspout is clogged.

It’s essential to have a gutter system that works properly and that its size is appropriate. With increasing amounts of rain over the years, it is extremely important for the protection of your home that your gutter system is adequate.

If you noticed that your gutters are not working as they should be, it might be time to fix this problem. Given the prominent climate changes, the preparation of your gutter system is important. Water damage can be expensive and take up a lot of your time.

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