Fascia and soffit repairs

For any professional in the field, a good roof is a combination of different elements that enable it to function properly. As for you and me, fascias and soffits are two aspects that we don’t know much about, therefore to finally understand these components and the problems that can affect them will help us maintain our investment.

Here are some elements to notice on your property:

  • Cavities in the soffit and fascia
  • Check to see if any rotten wood has completely eaten a hole in the soffit
  • Bubbles on the paint
  • Any water marks
  • A constant wet look on the wood

When you notice any signs of a problem, you should call a repair professional for help. Damages to soffits and fascias are usually caused by water infiltration. When a building’s gutter system is not working properly, soffits may begin to rot due to the water exposure. Animals such as birds and squirrels can also damage soffits when making their nests.

To keep things simple and avoid redundancy, here’s a short and simple version on how damages can occur.

Rotten wood caused by a leak from the gutter: Ideally when a rainstorm pours down, your roof must act as an irrigation system. When the rain falls on the top of your roof, it must fall towards the ground. It strikes the shingles, goes down a slope to the gutters and then through a downspout all the way to the ground, safely away from your home.

However, residues are left on the edge of the shingles that slowly but surely find themselves behind the gutter, onto the soffit. Over time, this will cause the soffit and fascia to develop deterioration. To protect themselves from this, new homes use a drip edge that act as a barrier to redirect water droplets into the gutter. These edges are the key to properly maintaining your home, but they are often absent or damaged on older homes.

What are Soffits?

Soffit is the element that refers to the lower part of a building. They connect the space between the exterior wall of a structure and the eaves. The purpose of the soffit is to provide adequate ventilation for the attic of the house. Due to its location, soffits are often vulnerable to weather and water damage.

What are fascias?

Located below the roof line, the fascia serves as the base for your home’s gutter system. Not only does it improve the exterior of your home, but it also protects the interior of your home. The fascia is also vulnerable to damage from rot and weather events due to its location. Professionals can help you determine if repairs can be made or if a complete replacement is required.

How can you repair them?

When replacing the fascia of your home, a new soffit will probably have to be installed also. Working on a roof is a dangerous activity for us owners, in addition, repairing the fascia or soffit will require some additional specialized knowledge. If you think you have a problem with any of these components of your home, call a professional to help you restore these items.

If you see any damages to your soffit or fascia, it would be a good idea to contact us at Modern Eavestroughing. Stopping wood rot early on can save you hundreds of dollars. If you wait too long, this will make the difference between repairing or replacing everything. If you are in the Ottawa region and you notice any water damage to your soffit or fascia, call us at 613-736-7373. We will be happy to help you!

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