Gutter protectors advantages!

The traditional gutter is typically installed without a protective barrier so it’s common for these to get obstructed by leaves and other debris that may impair its proper functioning.  Without a gutter protector, some of the remains will clog the gutter and prevent water from draining properly. Protection such as Gutter Clean Systems or the continuous T-Rex hook can prevent damages to your gutter and avoid costly damages to your home.

Here are the guaranteed benefits of seeking the professionals at Modern Eavestroughing to install a protective barrier sheet to your gutters:

1- Done with cleaning!

No more clogging! Without gutter a protection system, leaves and debris will constantly obstruct your gutters and prevent water to drain without difficulty. When you have a protection system, the debris is deposited on top of the leaf guard (such as Gutter Clean or T-Rex systems) for the wind to just sweep them away.

Gutter protection systems stop the leaves from clogging your gutters so that you don’t have to spend your precious time cleaning blockages or spending money on a professional to do it for you.

This also means that your gutters should only be cleaned every 3-5 years, instead of twice a year.

2- Avoid Corrosion

Clean Gutter protection systems stops your gutters from rusting prematurely because of the wet debris sitting on them. This means that your gutters will last at least twice as long as they would normally do without the protectors.

3- Damage Prevention

Gutter Clean Systems stops drain obstructions and protect your property from overflows during heavy rain periods. These overspills are proved to be unsafe, as they can allow water into your home and damage your foundation. Overflowing gutters can also cause unappealing stains on the outside of your home.

Protectors improve the movement of water through the gutters and ends clogging. It’s a great system if you have a water tank that fills itself with rain because it will be full more quickly when it rains. Your water will also be cleaner since the protector filters debris and contaminants.

4- Goodbye intruders

The leaf guard prevents insects and vermin such as mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches, spiders of reproducing themselves in the gutters. The Gutter Clean system allows you to significantly reduce the amount of stagnant water found in the gutter. Since there’s little or no still water, it’s more difficult and unattractive for intruders to use your gutters as their breeding nest. Furthermore, protectors are a physical barrier to rodents, birds and possums that may otherwise find their way into your attic.

5- Winter Protection

As you’ve probably noticed, Canadian winters are very hard on gutters. Consequently, the owners are always looking for new solutions to make them more durable for the winter season. T-Rex or Gutter Clean protectors systems are often considered as an alternative because they strengthen your gutters while protecting against leaves, snow and ice.

Gutter protection systems do not come in a universal model; some of them are superiorly designed to support the additional weight of the ice and snow. In winter, gutter protectors also help prevent freezing. If water is trapped in a groove, it can freeze and cause a blockage, which may lead to water infiltration in the house.

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