4 multi-profiles eavestrough

Gutters are a crucial component of a building’s roof system. They represent a long term investment for the infrastructure of your home.

However, even if millions of feet of gutters are installed each year throughout the country, there is currently very little information available on this product. It’s difficult to find written materials on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter, in order to educate consumers about the installations or replacements of their gutters.

That’s why at Modern Eavestroughing, we created 4 different gutter profiles. Why you say? Well to allow each of our customers to make informed choices.

Some clients turn to us only to replace a specific part of their gutter and others, for a complete eavestroughing system installation. We developed these four models that are suitable for every budget, and any style of homes. We always refer our customers to one of these selections.

4 gutters models?  That means 4 different ways to guide our clients towards the right choice.

Over the years, we got to know personally our customers. This enabled us to collect preferences and then, to draw clear and accurate profiles. First, our profiles have a sleek, modern look that suits all roofing styles. We notice that they even reveal a facet of the homes great architectures. They are both charismatic and traditional. Over the years of installing eavestroughs, we discovered perfect gutters that fit any traditional to modern living homes.

It’s our way of advancing in the field of eavestrough for the public. Concretely, with our 4 gutter profiles, we allow Modern Eavestroughing customers to:

Enhance the look of the home; no matter if the style is modern, traditional, etc.

Enjoy a unique technology that offers the possibility of different choice for their eavestroughing system.

Accessibility to samples, available on request via Modern Eavestroughing.

We are the only company in the region to offer 4 gutter styles.

Modern Profile / 2 Step – Stylish and Unique Touch

This profile a little more distinctive! Its straight lines and clean shapes make this a modern style, but also bring a wind of modernism. It combines functionality and a harmonious look for your home. This profile provides a unique touch that leaves room for variety and subtlety.

Profile Ogee / Crown Molding: a perfect gutter for traditional houses

The Ogee profile has a style of its own. Designed in a curve (often used in the molding), with an S shape, this model consists of two curved arcs in opposite directions.

It’s a profile that appeals to fans of traditional charismatic styles. The ideal choice used on traditional properties, but also the most modern.

Although regarded as a detail, this model has a gutter aesthetic and functional impact. It’s therefore not to be taken lightly.

Profile Victorian / Triple Cove:  Eavestroughing model for profitable aesthetics

Last but not least, the Victorian model!  This is the perfect model for homes with English origins. So pay attention here, this is the conventional voice! Style and form: the drawing of this profile is the way to go where, once again, aesthetics is required.

Although this is not the most common model, it’s very popular in specific situations for some properties of choice!

Standard / K-Model – Old style of eavestrough previously used

Your gutters ensure more than just shedding the rain water away from your home. The standard eavestroughing installation protects the foundation of your home, which is not trivial. It keeps the stable ground around your property, allowing you to save your plants and shrubs. For lovers of gardening, this is great news!

This model also increases the structural stability of the foundation of your home. This will help to prevent leaks.

Surprised that there are so many variations of gutters worldwide? It’s true! And we can say without pretension that throughout the Ottawa region, we are certainly among the most knowledgeable on the subject! Normal since after all: we wish to better inform our customers.

Looking for more information? Need to contact us to learn more about a particular profile?

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact us today.  By Email or by phone, we are always available to answer your questions, whether you are in the Ottawa region, around and beyond!

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