Maibec: Real wood exterior siding known for its durability and a variety of finishes and colours. This product is guaranteed for 50 years against rotting and for around 15 years on the opaque shades.

AL13:  Metal panel system that doesn’t require prefabrication and that can be installed on any type of structure. The panels consist of five different aluminum profiles.

Fiber Cement:   Fibro Cement is an exterior siding product that’s composed of cement, sand, cellulose fiber, water and additives, all while using a specific hardening process. It’s a product compliant with international buildings codes and non-combustible. During a fire, it will not burn and will not produce toxic fumes.

Metal Veneer:  Steel products are gaining popularity thanks to its corrugated look and its great versatility. The contoured, uniform and continuous curves create infinite possibilities.

Vinyl: Vinyl siding is a very popular outdoor siding material. It offers a charming appearance at an inexpensive cost, with virtually no maintenance. It’s available in a wide selection of colours as well as in a wide range of profiles.

ProDema:  ProdEx is Prodema’s natural line of natural wood sidings designed to create facades with a unique style that blends perfectly with the natural and urban environment. This product does not require regular maintenance which is usually required by wooden exteriors and it provides maximum resistance against UV rays. All the panels are available in a wide range of shades, and no two panels are the same.

Cedar: The durability and beauty of natural cedar siding is an attractive choice for any home owner. If the cedar is properly installed and correctly maintained, it can last the for the building’s lifetime.  Generally, cedar is preferred by many homeowners who want to retain the aesthetic charm or historical accuracy of their home. Others will use this siding as an accent product on stucco, cement fiber, or even brick.

Canexel: Siding composed mostly of wood fibers which offers a variety of colours and patterns. It’s a shock-resistant product in addition to being less sensitive to climatic variations than natural wood because it does not contract.